Reflecting monthly on your life goals is transformational.

The daily pursuit of reactive priorities satisfying, even exhilarating. It feels great to deal with requests that people send you.

But then, years later you realize you never had a chance to actually look back and see which direction you were driving in.

A monthly review is a great way to combat that.

A monthly, non-negotiable, appointment with yourself.

I usually go out to dinner by myself to do this.

For me, it looks something like this:

1. Review life goals. These are overarching goals and include the things I want to be good at as well as concrete outcomes that I can visualize.

2. Review inspiration. This takes the form of a list of articles, quotes and people that I am inspired by.

3. Do an 80/20 analysis of my activities. Which are the things that I get most pleasure out of, which are useless and should be cut?

4. Review diet and exercise goals and guidelines. Both the goals that I’ve set for myself as well as the foods that I want to be eating more or less of.

5. Review life metric tracking. I track 76 different metrics on a daily basis. I look at these and see if there are any patterns, good or bad, in the past month that I should be taking advantage of or reversing.

6. Review set of questions. I have a set of questions that help me to identify if I’m overcommitted or focusing on the wrong things.

7. Review habits / systems. I have an overview of the habits and systems that I’ve created in the past and check this list to make sure nothing is slipping.

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