Write down your ideal daily routine.

Write down your current daily routine.

Identify how many pieces of it don’t currently happen.

Break those apart into small achievable habits.

For example, you might want to wake up at 7am. But you currently wake up at 8am. Instead of changing the whole hour right away, start by going from 8 to 7:45.

Keep in mind that to wake up 15 minute earlier you also need to go to sleep earlier.

You might want to exercise every day for an hour. But you currently don’t at all. Start with 5 minutes of exercise.

Do this for everything on your ideal schedule.

Pick ONE change to focus on. Spend at least a week on each incremental step. After you’ve gotten where you want to be, don’t move on to another habit until you’ve done the current new habit for 3 weeks in a row.

Weekly, as each habit is ingrained, update you current daily routine that you wrote out at the beginning.

Writing everything out is key. It will show yourself the progress.

In case you ever fall off your routine you will also have a documented way to get back to where you need to be.

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