Its Original Victory Day (or OV Day).

Some of you may know it as Thanksgiving.

Its actually a celebration of the Europeans takeover of the American continent from the Native American population.

Now you may be thinking that I mean this to condemn Thanksgiving as a celebration. That we should focus instead of the plight of the Native American population.

I think nothing of the sort. We should celebrate the fact that we confiscated an entire continent in the matter of 200 or so years.

Thats not a popular viewpoint these days. We’re all supposed to be equal. The rights and interests of all humans in the world should be treated the same.

Thats hypocrisy at its finest.

If we are all to be equal, then why don’t all the people talking this way donate all their money to Africa? Why are we allowing New York city to have fancy restaurants where people spend hundreds of dollars on a mean when this money could literally save lives?

Why don’t more people live like Will Macaskill. He donates all money he makes over $36k a year. (

Yet, the vast majority of people don’t do this. Its because we are not all equal. We want more for ourselves than for others.

And thats ok.

We should talk about that. We should talk about the right balance of helping others and helping ourselves. Not blindly supporting the fantasy that everyone is equal.

It doesn’t help. It makes people apathetic when they realize that its not the truth.

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