Imagine a world where everyone knows everything. Instantly.

Our lives would lose much of their meaning.

Much of our time is spent learning things that someone else already knows. All that time would need to be spent in a new way.

Ideally we’d all start to work only on creating new knowledge. But would there be enough different ways to create new knowledge?

It would be a sort of evolution to a new type of organism. The same way we’re made up of our cells, which at some point were autonomous, we’d be part of a greater whole. A whole that would move and act more in unison.

Or, would people become apathetic? Because it is so hard to discover something completely new we would give up.

The obvious though is that people would care more about people and relationships. But, if you know everything, will it actually be meaningful to converse with other people? You will know their thoughts and they will know yours. It would be like talking with yourself forever. That usually drives people insane.

What do you think would happen?

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