Candid feedback is the only way to overcome luck as a driver of our fate.

This is a complex topic that I have not figured out how to talk about simply yet.

Underlying it, is my belief that the #1 largest factor in success of any individual is luck.

I know thats not a popular opinion.

We’re brought up, especially in the United States, to believe that hard work can get us anywhere we want.

Thats not true. Tell that to the people born in Africa on a farm in the middle of the country. The chances of them becoming a successful businessman are much smaller than those of even the poorest person born in the United States.

So there is the birth lottery. Then, every step of the way our entire life path is determined by luck. The people who we talk to, the people who educate us, the people we work for.

This is also true at the high end of the scale. Take, John D Rockefeller for example. Sure he may have been a good businessman, but he was only so because of the brutal way his father played games at his expense. He was only able to take advantage of the discovery of oil because he happened to live near where the oil was discovered. He happened to be at a point in his career where he had enough money to invest but wasn’t established so was hungry for more success. All these factors had to line up.

So what can you do about it?

The only possible answer is to seek criticism as often as possible without breaking your resolve.

To succeed you must do things for other people that they value.

So, you must constantly ask other people “Do you value what I am doing?”. More often than not the answer will be “No.”

But, once you’ve asked enough times, you’ll start to understand what people do value. You’ll get an idea of what you can do to be successful and you will do it.

If you’re lucky, it might even take off spectacularly.

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