28 days since Donald Trump became President Elect

The world hasn’t ended. Yet.

In fact, its been all pretty boring. We’re waiting for the next shoe to drop.

Things that I’ve learned so far:

1. Donald Trump cares more about his image than anything else. This seems to be the only consistent position he holds. He will do whatever is most likely at this moment to get him what he wants. In this case, high approval and a chance for a second term.

He’s rolled back nearly every bombastic campaign promise.

This is a good thing. It means that a little outrage and poor press coverage will go a long way to preventing catastrophe.

2. So far, the Democratic predictions of mass panic have been shown to be scare tactics rather than prescient. If that continues to be the case this will do irreparable damage to the believability of the liberal establishment. People just won’t care when you say minorities rights are threatened.

To be fair, it is too early to call this one, but this would be disastrous. It would mean that the early warning system of public outrage will be short circuited and could lead to much greater abuses of power further down the line. Possibly by this administration. If they wait a few years to do anything, this effect will be on their side.

3. Some of the ideas that trump claims to be focusing on, like infrastructure, are actually good.

We will have to see which win out. But, if Trump continues to care the most about public support, I wouldn’t be surprised if its the most positive ones that do.

What do you think now that its been a month?

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