Shutup and Listen.

#1 advice for managers and successful people in general.

Active listening is often discussed but less often implemented.

Once you get to a position of power you tend to stop paying attention to others.

You start to think that only you know what you’re doing and all others are wrong.

Taking a little time for reflection could be life changing in these situation. Taking a little time to listen to the people around you and those who might know more about what is actually going on.

Yes, you need to filter what you hear for truth, but you have to listen first to get anything out of it.

An excellent example of this problem is Robert Moses, the builder of all NYC’s infrastructure. He built Jones Beach, the Triborough Bridge, the Verrazano Bridge, the Long Island Expressway and almost all other major bridges, parks and highways in NYC.

He started out as an idealist and had great ideas. In the 20s, this meant building parks out in Long Island and parkways for people to reach them in their cars. In the parks, that meant drives for people to enjoy driving.

Unfortunately, he never adjusted this view of driving. Even though he never had a drivers license (he was driven) he assumed people enjoyed driving all the way through the end of his career in the 60s. He prioritized cars over people. He would design parks (like Riverside Park) so that cars not pedestrians had the best views.

He never stopped to consider whether his beliefs were still valid. He never listened.

Because he didn’t listen we’re stuck with gridlock in NYC instead of a cutting edge mass transit system.

Because he didn’t listen it takes 40 minutes to get to JFK by car but 90 minutes by mass transit.

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