People hate minimalism.

Why is that?

Its a very polarizing topic. People either love it (like me). Or they hate it.

I’m talking about the type of minimalism that leads to having less clothing and less things. A few outfits and less things cluttering your home.

I’ve heard a variety of reasons:

1. Its too much work. In response to a comment about how minimalism is achievable if you just put everything back in its place when you’re done with it: “Yes, attainable – with some level of OCD… which one would argue isn’t very healthy.”

2. It isn’t “Homey”. This is likely the most common response. People want their space to feel “lived in”. To me, this just sounds like “I’ve gotten used to having a mess around me and so like the mess. And I don’t feel comfortable when there isn’t a mess because it implies that that I always need to look after myself.”

3. I’m going to use all it. Which is bullshit. You’re going to use none of it.

4. Inertia. “I’d love to have the perfect minimalist environment but if I can’t get it perfect I’m not going to do anything.”

How do you feel about minimalism?

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