News isn’t truth.

Its propaganda.

And I don’t mean the news you disagree with. All news is propaganda.

You just agree to some of it. The news, or in general what is spoken and written online, in newspapers, on TV, in magazines, and on the radio is by definition designed to change your behavior.

Sometimes that is in line with societal norms. Sometimes its not. But every piece has an agenda.

Next time you listen or read something (including this) consider: “What is the agenda they are trying to spread?”.

Then think, “Is this in line with my goals and values?”. If yes, then great, keep listening and internalize it. If its not, realize that the values of the person who is talking to you are different. Keep in mind that they are currently trying to brainwash you.

When you see the world in this way you build a safeguard, however flimsy, against viral ideas that can and will take over your brain.

These ideas can change your actions and the things you care about.

Ideas are viruses. Make sure you have the right anti-virus process.

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