The actions that make you uncomfortable are the right ones to take.

This doesn’t apply to actions that are dangerous.

But, in general, the more apprehensive you are about doing something the more it is the right action.

1. In writing. Time and time again you see that the writers who are vulnerable with their audiences are rewarded. If you admit to weaknesses and talk about them publicly you will not only feel better but you will help others and its likely that your writing will be shared widely. A great example of this is productivity “expert” Tim Ferriss talking about suicide:…/06/how-to-commit-suicide/

2. In relationships. The hard conversations are the most rewarding ones. Whether its with a significant other or just a friend, if you are worried about something its on their mind too. If its a problem, talking about it and putting it out in the open will make your relationship stronger (they will trust you more) and move towards solving the issue.

3. In business. The most important case. If there is a problem, it must be dealt with. Of course its hard to talk about. But, if it isn’t talked about the business will disappear. So bring it up and solve it. If you get fired for bringing up a problem then you shouldn’t be at that company anyway. It’ll be gone soon.

Its not easy to take the uncomfortable action.

You must train yourself to enjoy discomfort. To seek out discomfort instead of comfort.

Your life will be amazing.

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