Fasting increases willpower.

One 24 hr fast will:

1. Break the illusion that you MUST eat to survive. You’ll realize that the signals your body is giving you are to some extent optional. You’ll realize that you don’t have to eat mcdonalds because its the only thing at the airport. That you don’t need to eat every few hours when working or exploring a city. You’ll gain flexibility with your time. You’ll be less of a slave to hunger.

This will also transition to other bodily urges like sex, anger, etc…

2. Make you realize that things that you thought are impossible are not. This will transfer to other activities as well. Things that on the surface seem impossible will just become hard. Or maybe not even hard. You’ll be able to do more.

You’ll have more control over your decisions.

More ability to get what you want.

^Day 154/90 141 words

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