Words are a low-quality communication medium.

We form complex thoughts in our heads which then have to be squeezed into words that each can have several different meanings.

Words have fixed meanings while the concepts that they are connected to in our heads are fluid, constantly developing and different in each person’s mind.

There is enormous information loss between humans.

We try to make up for this with tone, inflection, body language and other contextual cues.

This is likely this way because our brains cannot hold a more complex language. A language which might have a word for every possible variation of a concept would overwhelm us.

It won’t overwhelm an AI though.

And we’re getting close to AI’s that will be able to communicate in this way.

The problem is that we normal humans will be left behind without enough processing power.

So, we’ll have to upgrade. 🙂

^Day 155/90 164 words

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