Holidays are absurd but necessary.

They’re absurd in that the reasons that are given for taking time off are absurd.

Necessary in that they promote the necessary notion that we:

1. Need time off.

2. Need time to connect with our communities.

Now you might say that this could be accomplished by giving people greater freedom in their day to day work. Giving them more freedom to to take more time off when they want.

BUT, then we would miss out on the community. The aspect of everyone having the same days off. Everyone enjoying the time together. The national and cultural bonding that they promote.

That said, I do think there is room to connect the true purpose of national holidays (time off and bonding) with the actual celebrations.

To, over time, change the celebration from ones of arcane traditions to more timeless notions.

We see this already with days like Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving, and, my favorite, New Year’s Eve.

Do you think this might ever happen to the “Holidays”?

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