Describe how.

Goals without a good “how” component never get accomplished.

This means going through a visualization exercise. A tough visualization exercise.

If your goal is to write a book, you must examine what it will take to do this.

1. Break the task down into smaller sections. In the case of the book this could be to first outline, then do research, then work on each chapter until it is written, get feedback and finally go back and edit everything.

2. Break each section into daily tasks. This is usually something like: “Write 500 words daily” or “Email 5 sources daily”. For each section make sure to identify all the daily tasks that you will need. Then you can estimate how many of these it will take to complete the book and thus how long it will take to complete the book.

3. Integrate those daily tasks into your life. Plan out your typical work day and identify how many of these daily tasks will you be able to complete each day.

4. Anticipate road blocks. Visualize what might keep you from finishing 500 words daily. Is it distractions? Find somewhere else to work. Is it not enough pressure to get started? Make a bet with a friend or a public commitment.

5. Start and iterate. Start on the first day and when you finish compare what you did with what you intended to do. If they don’t match up, ask why? Identify what isn’t going right. If it went according to plan, how can you make it faster or better?

This disciplined daily approach will make sure that you actually accomplish your goal.

^Day 166/90 280 words

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