The education system will not make you successful.

The most useful things I’ve learned have all been outside of the education “system”.

I’m not talking about just vocational skills or specific technical skills.

I’m talking about everything that I use on a daily basis today. Writing, coding, exercising, meditating, process design, organizational design, critical thinking, systems thinking, structured communication etc…

The list could go on forever.

All these things I’ve learned through the following process:

1. Identify something I want to do.
2. Figure out the smallest piece of it that needs to be done first but also gives a tangible reward (e.g for a webpage, get it hosted and up with one word.)
3. Google over and over again until I find a tutorial that helps me do part of it.
4. Usually there isn’t one tutorial that is exactly correct so I need to combine things from multiple places.
5. Test and get extremely frustrated while reading more and more tutorials.
6. Almost give up because I’m so frustrated.
7. Figure it out and be ecstatic.
8. Go back to step 2 until I achieve the goal.

The above process is the most important thing that the education system should be teaching.

Not specific knowledge.

^Day 168/90 212 words

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