Poor Man’s Plan to Earn a Private Pilot’s License

It turns out that the largest costs in earning a Private Pilot’s License (PPL), are:

1. Time with instructor and in the plane. ($150+ per hour)
2. Time spent with instructor on ground exam. ($75+ per hour)

The required flight hours for a PPL are 40, but in practice it usually takes 60-80 to get this done. This is for two reasons:

1. People do not know the techniques and ground knowledge in advance and so spend time with an instructor learning from the ground up.
2. People spread the time out over a year or two and thus need to re-learn lessons they have already taken.

So, to avoid this I will:
1. Learn as much as possible on my own and in a flight simulator.
2. Do the flight hours in 1 month. (This will require that I budget in advance to save the money)

The specific plan is:

1. Complete PPL Course in X10 Flight Simulator (Now : $59)
2. Add Rudder Pedals (Now $100)
3. Get the Medical Screen (1/20 : $75)
4. Add https://www.pilotedge.net/ (Air traffic control practice) (2/1 $20/mo)
3. Do the Jeppsen Ground Exam Training Course (3/1 : $250)
4. Start With Instructor (6/1 : ~$5,000)

The idea is to take my time with the pre-flying training so that when I get to the instruction, I’m able to complete it quickly.

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