The singularity is irrelevant.

Cyborgs will become gods.

Artificial Intelligence will lead to a master race.

The singularity (the moment that machines become more generally intelligent than humans) will come. But, its not going to be the first disruption, nor the most important one.

The most important change will be when humans can significantly enhance their intelligence.

This will be achieved much before a full machine intelligence.

It just requires the extension of the human brain, not the recreation of one.

Being able to extend the brain is a much lower level of complexity and, even if its not directly necessary to recreate it, it will happen along the way.

Once some people are able to extend their brains their level of intelligence will start to grow exponentially. They will keep adding to their intelligence.

They will have a head start that no one will be able to catch up to. Once they’re on the exponential curve, anyone who jumps on it behind them will always be behind.

With intelligence comes wealth and with wealth comes power.

This class of cyborgs will quickly control the rest of humanity.

When the machines become self-aware it will no longer matter.

They’ll already be competing with gods.

Whats wrong with this theory?

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