Uniforms are boring.

But, I wear the same thing every day.

But, its not a boring “uniform”.

Its a carefully designed outfit that varies just enough to be interesting (at least to me) while accomplishing my image goals.

What are my image goals?

1. Versatility: I want to be able to wear the same thing every day without thinking about what I’m going to do that day. I never want to be so underdressed that I can’t do an event or go somewhere. I never want to be so overdressed that others feel uncomfortable. To do this I wear a blazer but one that doesn’t match my pants. I can always take it off and roll up the sleeves on my button down to go more casual.

2. Put-togetherness: I want to convey an image of having thought about my clothing. Of at least some level of design having gone into the process. This usually correlates with a favorable first impression with others. I do this through coordination of colors and materials.

3. Not a complete douchebag: When wearing more formal clothing it can be easy to come off as over engineered or “square”. To counteract this I use bold colors. Bold colors also have the benefit of drawing attention.

My “uniform:”

A Sebastian Ward dress shirt (Usually white, red & white or blue & white)
Red or black Levi’s
A cobalt blue linen blazer
Black Chelsea Boots
A Paul Stewart belt with an X belt buckle
A Withings Activite Steel watch + activity tracker
Red, blue, orange, gold or purple socks

In the summer I wear white Levi’s.
When traveling in the outdoors I’ll wear appropriate clothing (sometimes).

Two questions:
1. Do you think I’m achieving my goals?
2. How do you think about what you wear?

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