Artificial Intelligence will lead to everyone losing their jobs.

We need to decouple “work” and the ability to stay alive.

We’ve already done this in some cases, however maringal. e.g. disability insurance.

Where, if you are physically unable to work, you can still, sort of, survive. Although not thrive.

Our current obsession with the “work = ability to live” equation comes with the underlying assumption that we have control over the circumstances that have led us to now.

This isn’t even true right now, but will definitely not be true in the near future.

Even now, how much you are able to earn is more of a factor of luck than of your own work.

Were you lucky enough to be born in a country which isn’t devastated by war?

Were you lucky enough to be born in this century and not into servitude?

Were you lucky enough to be born with parents who value eduction?

This will change even more when automation can do anything.

I don’t just mean driving and manufacturing.

Doctors and lawyers are next. Their fields are all about synthesizing a lot of information, AI like IBM Watson is getting pretty good at that.

Think business people are immune? No, its just a matter of processing power.

Engineers and scientists? Definitely automatable. The scientific method is just a simplified algorithm.

Artists? They may be the last to go, but they will go.

Then, what is the point of humans?

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