Encryption is just as important as legal property rights.

Even though it seems like it might enable crime.

In the long run, giving more power to more people, not only leads to more democracy, it leads to more productive states and higher standards of living.

When power is consolidated in the hands of the few decisions are not as good and don’t benefit as many people.

You end up with less total brain power attempting decisions and thus lower quality outcomes.

When the government can take away people’s property, there is no incentive to work or innovate. You can see this historically in the African Kingdoms or in Imperial China where all property was at risk of being siezed by the government.

No one could keep the fruits of their labor. So they didn’t labor.

Encryption is the current version of this. It is a way of ensuring that decisions remain distributed. When decisions are distributed outcomes are better.

This can be seen in the rival systems of the current west and the former Soviet Union, China and other communist countries where economic outcomes are poor.

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