Hows Trump doing?

I’ve been mostly ignoring news for the past few months.

But, some bits and pieces has slipped through.

To me, it seems like:

1. He’s acting like a child.

2. He’s made a lot of executive actions that sounds scary but may or may not lead to anything:

2.1 Putting a freeze on EPA grants. This could just be temporary until he fills more positions.

2.2 Putting a freeze on communication with the public. Again, it could be temporary until the administration has a policy on communication. Keep in mind, the entire bureaucracy opposes trump.

2.3 Hes made noises about filtering scientific studies.

3. He’s making a fool of himself contesting publicly verifiable facts like the size of his inaguaration crowds.

Don’t really know how to feel about all of it yet though.

Your thoughts?

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