Self driving cars will eliminate 4 million jobs overnight.

The concept is basically proven with a few kinks to work out.

Once those are worked out, there will be a bit of a process to get them approved by government bodies.

Governmental approval will be the tipping point.

One day there will be no self-driving cars and within 6 months they will be 50%+ of all cars in cities.

The incentives to replace taxis, commercial vans, limos, delivery trucks, and even personal commuting vehicles with a self-driving car is insanley high.

In the case of a commercial operation you eliminate the cost of the driver. $20,00 a year on the low end.

In the case of a personal vehicle you get back a huge amount of your day. 1 hour a day according to average commute time in the USA.

It’ll happen extremely quickly.

We won’t be prepared for the loss of 4+ million jobs that quickly.

Source for jobs:…/self-driving-cars-endanger-mill…/

Source for commute time:

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