“Secondary” US Cities will grow more than the top cities in the coming decades.

Detroit, Atlanta, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Raleigh, Sacramento, San Diego, Pittsburg, Nashville, Charlotte, etc…

This will be especially notable in cities that have been hit hard by the reduction in manufacturing jobs over the last five decades.

Its not that manufacturing jobs will come back, but more young people are and will move to these cities bringing more vitality and cash.

New York, LA, San Fran, Miami are too expensive for the average college graduate.

Instead, they are starting to move to smaller cities that have a lower cot of living, have tons of empty space due to stagnation in the past, and still have jobs.

Places like Pittsburg where Carnegie Mellon has given rise to a flock of tech company campuses in the city. Companies like Google, Uber and Duolingo.

This will only continue and in the coming decades the spread in population and gdp between these cities and the current largest cities will continue to diminish.

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