Charity work is often a front for self-promotion.

Especially in the case of professional services like law, consulting and design.

1. The “pro-bono” work is portfolio building and in general makes you look like a good person which new clients like.

2. It can often get more attention than the normal work that you would do.

You can see this in many places:

1. The Clinton Foundation, although undeniably a force for good, has made the Clintons very wealthy and powerful.

2. This woman that followed Marco Rubio around with a spine and then did an AMA on reddit and didn’t respond to any hard questions:…/im_the_person_who_followed_marco…/…

This also happens in most people’s lives. They do charity work so that they can talk about it. Even if this ends up helping people, its still true that the motivation for people is so that they can tell people about it.

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