When you’re stuck, force yourself to write your thoughts on paper.

This will get words out and make connection in your brain that you wouldn’t have made even if you spent 4 hours thinking about it.

There is a theory that part of the reason speaking developed is because talking to yourself is beneficial on its own.

Speaking words out loud means that you will then hear them which then routes them through a different part of the brain than when you are just thinking to yourself.

Often, this part of the brain might have a different solution that the one that deals with thinking.

This is also why just the act of telling someone what you’re working on can be helpful.

The same mechanism is at work when you write. Its even better because then you can go back and review everything that you’ve written.

There are some good tools to get you going. They force you to write for a set amount of time and if you stop at any point all your words will be deleted.

My favorite is: http://www.themostdangerouswritingapp.com

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