Low attention to detail is synonymous with having too high of an opinion of yourself.

Its fixable.

Low attention to detail really means one of two things:

1. “I don’t care enough about this task that I’m doing to make sure its done well.”

2. “I’m so amazing that I don’t need to check my work.”

In case of #1, find something that you care about or revisit the motivations for doing this specific task. e.g. if its a job that you don’t enjoy, what does doing the job enable you to do? Mediate on that.

In case of #2, get off your high horse and check your work when you’re done. You’ll save yourself the pain of redoing work or bad outcomes.

I started in category #2 years ago. I still struggle a bit with it but in general have now much better attention to detail.

Its just a matter of focus.

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