What is focus?

Focus is intrinsically tied to motivation.

But not in the sense of “I need to read some motivational quotes.”

Rather, in a very deep rooted answer to “What motivates you?”.

People that can focus have a history of experiences and examples where focus paid off for them.

While those that cannot focus tend to have had the opposite experience. Their distraction has appeared to pay off for them in the past.

Its unfortunate because on the grand scale, focus is better than distraction. Although distraction may appear attractive, it can only get you 25% of the way. It can get you to the “Thats cool!” point. But, then you need the focus to get to 100% gain from an activity. Or even to 80% gain from an activity.

Its hard to move from tending to be distracted, to tending to focus.

The only way to do it is to practice focusing on tasks that will have payoffs. Select a task that is just outside your comfort level for focused work. Make sure it has a clear positive outcome. Repeat.

One of the easiest ways to do this is through technical sports. Whether its golf, soccer, tennis or swimming. Pick something that requires you to focus instead of just flailing around.

The dividends will be large.

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