Dress shirts give you power.

I wear the same dress shirt every day.

This past weekend I deep cleaned my 11 shirts and had to wear a t-shirt for two days in a row.

At the time, it seemed cool and interesting. I got a lot of positive reactions from friends who have never seen me in anything other than a dress shirt.

It felt good.

But then on Monday I put a dress shirt back on.

My life changed.

I felt empowered. I felt the centuries of tradition and associations with dress shirts. The associations of success and put-togetherness.

I felt the thoughts that I have when I see someone dressed well. How I automatically think of them differently than the people around.

I felt the effort it takes to look good in a dress shirt. The effort to find a good fit and take care of your body.

I felt the opposite of comfortable.

I felt motivated.

I immediately remembered why I wear dress shirts daily.

And not just any dress shirt, but Sebastian Ward dress shirts.

Because they’re the modern version of a ceremonial suit of armor. They encase you with a strong, tall collar, sleeves that stick to your wrists and a tail that stays tucked in.

They change my mindset. They remind me to always push for more.

It helps that the fabric is super soft and visually striking as well.

And in what may seem like it was planned to coincide with this post but actually isn’t, Sebastian Ward is having a 20% flash sale for Valentine’s day. Go check it out and use code ILOVESW at checkout. www.sebastianward.com

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