Real food is bad for you.

Its much better to eat liquid or food bars like Soylent or the others available.


Because, most of the food most people eat on a daily basis is shit.

Whether its in NYC and you are ordering take out for lunch or going to the corner lunch place, or you’re elsewhere and getting food from the local Walmart in general you are just getting food that is cheap and easy.

Cheap and easy is rarely good or good for you.

True, there are some people that plan their meals out in advance and pick nutritious food. Those are rare. Good for them.

In general you’d be better off replacing most of your meals with liquid or food bars.

1. Its way cheaper than spending money on a shit alternative. You can then either save that money or re-allocate it to purchasing good food for your other meals. Whether its going out or going to a nicer grocery store.

2. You’re not wasting time deciding what to eat and then chewing and cleaning up all the food. You’ll get 30 minutes to an hour back every day to do whatever you want.

3. Its healthier than whatever your default lunch and breakfast options are most likely.

So, replace breakfast and lunch with liquid food or food bars. Life will be much better.

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