Focus in business is hard.

Its hard to know whether you are doing too many things or whether you are not doing enough.

There are so many contradictory stories.

e.g. AirBnB made a breakfast cereal in 2008 based on the names of the two Presidential candidates. They sold tens of thousands of $s worth and it helped to fund their operations.

I’m sure the advice at the time from any seasoned entrepreneur would have been “Are you crazy? Don’t waste time on that. FOCUS!”

But, it helped them.

And there are plentiful stories on the other end.

e.g. Instagram originally only let you post photos and a bit of text. Thats it, no other features. They’ve been enormously successful with this.

It comes down to a judgement call. No matter how much advice you receive you will have to decide in the moment whether the risk of the unrelated action will outweigh the cost.

Most of the time you’ll be wrong.

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