Incremental progress trumps major advances.

I’ve experienced this first hand in the past 20 years.

In my younger years I was crippled by the inability to focus on something for long unless I was immediately amazing at it.

I would start an ambitious project, lets say learning programming or a new language, and would give up when I wasn’t fluent in 3 days.

It took years and mysterious forces of which I’m still not fully cognizant to get to the point where I now plan for an Ironman 2 years in advance instead of 30 days.

To get to the point where I took 1.5 years to build the habit of waking up right when my alarm goes off without snoozing.

To the point where I’ve taken 2 years to learn the basics of programming.

I think the key insight was that even if something takes 2 years, then in two years it will be done.

In my mid-twenties I looked back and realized how many 5 year projects I could have completed by 25 if I had just persevered.

And to persevere I’ve found that the key is to make your actions easy to repeat.

Its better that you complete the action to 75% daily, than to 100% 3 times and then never do it again.

You’ll get to 100% over time.

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