Variety in your pursuits is key to breakthroughs.

Its easy to dismiss variety. To instead focus on focusing. To attempt to commit to 18 hour days of work on one project.

There are plenty of business myths about it as well.

Steve Jobs’s relentless focus.

Elon Musk’s “You need to work 100 hour weeks”.

Banking’s mythical all day and night hours.

The problem is that these tend to just be myths. Stories that you’re being told because it makes the teller feel better.

Sure, you’re in the office 14 hours a day.

But, most of that time isn’t actually working. Its a lot of socializing. A lot of waiting around for tasks. Its important to always be available for work, that doesn’t mean that you’re actually working that entire time.

This time could be spent much more efficiently. A few high quality hours in the office and then some variety.

If all you do is sit in the office its counterproductive.

You won’t learn anything new. You won’t be exposed to new ideas. New ideas in industries that are completely different from your own.

And its the new ideas that give you a new way to solve a problem you’ve been working on for 14 hours per day. A way that might only take 30 minutes.

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