Is being healthy worth it?

Its a common objection to the all the work that goes into being healthy.

The calorie counting, diet watching, non-sugar eating, exercising just isn’t worth it.

Even if you live a perfectly healthy life you will only extend your life by a decade or two max.

Its true.

But, there are two things that make all that worth it:

1. Your life will be much higher quality. You’ll be happier and enjoy your time on the planet more. The sum of your life will be more.

2. We’re close to an interesting inflection point. The point that is sometimes refered to “Life Extension Escape Velocity”. The basic idea is simple: If we can extend life for 30 years, in those 30 years its likely that there will be advances that extend it for another 30. or 50. And so on. Hypothetically, once we reach that escape velocity people will live forever. You can listen to a better explanation here:…/aubrey_de_grey_says_we_can_avoid_aging

So how is that related to being healthy? Well, we’re close to that inflection point and if being healthy means that you are around for the infelection point and healthy enough to receive the therapies, that could be a difference of thousands of years in lifespan.

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