I get anxious about not doing enough.

Last night I had worked all day, putting in a total of 8 hours of clocked in time, which means more like 12 hours of at desk time.

I had an hour until the time I wanted to sleep and figured I’d watch an episode of Season 2 of Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle.

I had an existential crisis. A bunch of self-doubt that I wasn’t doing enough of the writing of longer form articles that I’ve been putting off for a while.

I journaled a bit on it and moved on to watching the show. Got a bit of relaxation before going to sleep.

What the point of this story?

We could kill ourselves if we constantly worry about there not being enough work done.

There is always more work.

The key is to enjoy it.

To do it in a balance where you get enough rewards out of it to be happy and balanced.

And yes, this is difficult balance. If you relax too much you’ll get left behind by others who do more than you.

But, the answer isn’t to kill yourself through overwork. The answer is to find the right balance. The right amount of hours per day, week, month, year that you need to be happy, focused and productive.

If you don’t have that balance, you’re leaving money, and happiness, on the table. Working a bit less can be more productive in the long run.

Its like going to the gym. If you spent all day lifting weights for 2 weeks straight. You wouldn’t be any stronger. Your body would just be destroyed. You wouldn’t have had time to recover.

Give your brain time to recover.

It will be stronger when you need it.

^Day 221/90 303 words

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