Talking to people after 5 days of not doing so is marvelous.

Last week I took the hermits route.

From Monday morning until Saturday morning I essential put my head down and worked.

I didn’t socialize much and spent a lot of time on focused tasks.

On Saturday my brain exploded with ideas.

During the course of a 12 hour excursion that started at MOMA and ended wandering around the East Village I took 40+ notes.

On a typical day I write down 1-3 notes.

Each of these notes was an idea, thought or solution related to the things I’d been working on for the past week.

Each was also something that I would not have come to if I had kept my head down.

Which points to the fact that the best way to move forward is to add some variety to your daily routine. Add some fun and exploration that you don’t think is related to your “productivity” goals.

It will be related.

^Day 223/90 174 words

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