Audio books have ruined my ability to read.

I barely read real books anymore. I can’t concentrate on them.

I have nearly 3 hours a day to listen to audio books but nearly no time to actually sit down and read.

1 hour while working out.
2 hours while commuting.

In contrast, whenever I have a free moment that I could sit down and read a book, I feel like the time would be better used working.

On the subway, when I could pull out a book, I feel that it would be inefficient. If I’m listening to an audio book I can do that while being jostled and walking around.

If I’m reading a book, each time that happens I have to pause. Then when I look back down at the page I’ve lost my place and I re-read. This again leads to less reading actually being done.

Because of this, I don’t even try to read. I just listen.

So, that leaves me at a place where there are books I want to read but I don’t prioritize time for them because I feel like I’m already reading enough. Even though its just listening.

Do you deal with this too?

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