Religious belief is disturbingly like product “vision”.

I just finished listening to “Under the Banner of Heaven” which tells the story of the Mormon church through the lens of Dan Lafferty’s story.

He believed that God told him to kill his sister in law and her daughter.

Aka: He didn’t like her because she encouraged his wife to leave him because he was abuse.

This isn’t unique to Mormons, every religion has this “God told me to do this” fanatics. The most high profile current example being ISIS and Islam.

Its disturbing.

Whats even more disturbing, is that this sounds extremely similar to stories of founders of large companies.

Sure, God didn’t tell them to start the company. But in general they “knew” that what they were doing would be successful.

This sort of “determination” and “vision” is often sighted as being necessary to build something new.

It may be.

But having it isn’t enough.

There are plenty of people that have this “vision” and think that it means they must devote their lives to Religion.

You must harness it in context of what other people want. Its only worth something if it helps you create things that other people want.

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