Popular /= Good

When something (a TV show, book, service, product) is popular, it means its adding some sort of value. This value is usually lucrative for the creators of the product.

But, this can be bad for society and the people using the product. See sugar and excessive TV.

Good is a hard concept to define. And a harder one to care about.

Ideally we would all be incentivized to do good.

Thats not the case. We’re incentivized to add value.

This leads to interesting situations. Where those who may be doing the most “good” are not actually compensated. See non-profits and similar organizations.

There are examples of doing good work that end up being massively compensated. Of good becoming popular, but they are more rare.

The problem is

1. You have to identify what is actually good. Which can be tough.

2. You have to identify which actually good thing has the potential to be popular soon.

If it doesn’t become popular soon they you won’t be able to support yourself doing the good thing.

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