You need a motivation routine.

A system that you know will get you to do the things that you don’t want to do but need to do to achieve your goals.

This system needs to start with something very small that doesn’t take a lot of willpower and that triggers habits in your brain.

This routine will need to be built up over time just like any habit, but once you have it you’ll never have an unproductive day again.

My routine is:

1. Alarm goes off.
2. Turn alarm off.
3. Make bed.
4. Leave phone in bedroom and go into bathroom to brush teeth and floss. Make sure to turn on bathroom light to force brain to wakeup.
5. Meditate for 20 minutes.
6. Run 10k
7. Shower
8. Sit down and do Personal Evolution, starting by recording metrics for the day.
9. and I’m off.

Weekends / Non-traditional days:
1. Starts not at wakeup but whenever I need to get motivated.
2. Record food in myfitnespal
3. Review notes in evernote and put them into task lists as appropriate.
4. Organize tasks and I’m off.

You don’t need to be complex.

The first step could be to connect making a cup of coffee or tea with then immediately sitting down and working.

Another good tactic is to review and organize your todo list.

Seeing the goals you have and what you want to accomplish can get you in a productive mood.

Whats your motivation routine?

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