Religion is the ultimate cognitive dissonance.

I stopped attending church regularly over a decade ago, mainly because of boredom.

When I go these days I have the opposite problem.

I’m fascinated.

Fascinated by how 1.2 Billion people still identify as Catholics.

The priest is balling on about:

1. How we need to be submissive to “God” aka the church.

2. How we need to ask the lord for this or that.

3. Stories that are thinly veiled myths so implausible that even a child would have doubts.

It seems that in the age of reason and the scientific method none of this would stand up.

And yet it does.

People who in all other parts of their lives make rational decisions, give up control when it comes to religion.

They “hope” for change.

When we all know that the way to change is to make it.

To cause it.

To figure out how and do it.

Not to ask “God” for help.

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