Religions are the most profitable organizations in recent memory.

The main religions have outlasted ever government and corporation that they might have competed against.

Islam was founded in 610 AD, 1,407 years ago.

Christianity was founded in 31 AD, 1,986 years ago.

Buddhism was founded in 624 BCE, 2,641 years ago.

Judaism was founded around 1900 B.C.E., 3,917 years ago.

In comparison, the world’s oldest company is Kongō Gumi a construction company founded in 578 AD, 1,439. Ironically, they build buddhist temples and were sold in 2006.

The world’s oldest government is harder to pin down due to the complexities involved with coups and changes of power. But, it seems to be The Grand and General Council of San Marino founded in 310 AD, 1,707 years ago.

Notably, neither the oldest company or oldest country are powerful. Whereas the 4 named religions have 1.6, 2.2, .5 and .02 billion followers respectively.

Religion is a good business to be in.

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