Is it a good idea for everyone to have a good life?

On one side, of course, everyone should life as long and healthily as possible. It would be objectively better if there are more people that lead healthy and happy lives.

On the other side, what if ensuring health happy lives for everyone who is alive now actually means that less people will be alive in the future?

What if that actually makes it more likely that we’ll go extinct as a species?

The only real reason for life is to perpetuate life. Thats what evolution does. Whether its designed or accidental, thats how we got to where we are now.

Hypothetically, ensuring that everyone who is alive now has a happy healthy life means that we will have less resources to spend on development.

And this smaller amount of resources could be the difference between overcoming an existential obstacle, or not.

I don’t know the correct answer.

I do know that we shouldn’t just assume that more alive and happy people right now is better than all other alternative.

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