Our phones are designed to suck away our attention.

They’re constantly beeping, showing us shiny objects and telling us how many “important” notifications we’ve missed.

Its the ultimate device to get your attention and monetize it in some way.

They can be super helpful, if you use them correctly. Too many of us just go with the default settings. Use them mindlessly and we’re drawn into the vortex.

Every time you get a ping on your phone it draws your attention from something else that you were doing. Hopefully, if you have respect for yourself, that other thing was extremely important.

Whether its napping, eating, working, or playing, those are all more important than the latest email from Bloomingdales offering you 20% off for a LIMITED TIME.

Its more important than the slack notification from a coworking asking for something they could figure out on google.

In that moment, its more important than that text from your friend asking whats up later.

None of these things need an immediate response. In fact, if you always give an immediate response than you never have time to do things that you enjoy. Things that add value to you and the people around you.

The solution is custom notification settings. The ability to get notifications only between certain hours. To only have apps light up with notification icons between certain hours and only for the apps that actually matter

Unfortunately, our phones do not make this easy.

The default setting is “GIVE ME EVERYTHING NOW”.

Which is exactly what corporations want.

They want your attention.

Which leads to your $.

^Day 254 270 words

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