Waking up early is a tradeoff with unclear benefits.

To sustainably wake up early, you must also go to sleep early.

This sounds obvious but is never mentioned when you read stories of executives that wake up at 4am.

To wake up at 4am these executives are going to sleep at 8pm.

In many cases that works for them. But its an interesting tradeoff and willpower exercise.

1. The tradeoff is that if you are in bed at 8pm you are missing out on evening activities. These might be having dinner with friends, colleagues, or family. These are hard to value precisely, but all value comes from interaction with other people, so they do have intrinsic value.

So is the tradeoff worth it? Or alternatively, is there a good cut off point? One where the positives of waking up early are still gained but you can still use your evenings for social activities.

Maybe instead of 8pm to 4am, 9pm to 5am or 10pm to 6am works better and still gives you time to get a head start in the morning.

2. The willpower exercise is putting yourself to bed and falling asleep even though you may not be tired.

You must be able to recognize that you will perform better in the morning. (if this is actually true for you) To drive away the feeling of, “If only I bang my head against xyz for 5 more minutes I’ll finish it”.

Whats your sleep schedule?

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