Civilization is the passing on of habits.

And its mostly done very poorly from generation to generation.

This becomes obvious when you read ancient philosophers who practiced good habits that are not mainstream today.

Habits that maybe 10% of the population actually knows and implements.

Things like “Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still.” – Chinese Proverb

Theres a couple reasons for this:

1. Its hard to be exposed to all the knowledge in the world. Reading and speaking are very in-efficient methods of transmitting information. It can take days just to read one book which has one main point.

2. Its hard to internalize it. Even if you do read it, that doesn’t automatically change your habits and skills. It takes a lot of repetition to ingrain new habits.

3. Its hard to know which is good and which is not.

If we are going to evolve faster we need to fix these knowledge problems.

Computers are well positioned to do this, though self-directed improvement with assisted tools can help a lot in the short term.

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