To create an ideal morning I chained 10 habits together.

I used to have lazy mornings where I would often spend 30 minutes to an hour doing things that I didn’t actually get value from. These included browsing random news sites, browsing Facebook and snoozing my alarm.
The way I changed this is by identifying and tracking all the decision points. The points where I could either move on to the next step in my routine or stop and spend 5+ minutes on something non-valuable.
Now my morning habit chain looks like this:
1. Wakeup and shut off alarm.
2. Leave phone plugged in and head to bathroom to brush teeth + turn on light to wake self up.
3. Get dressed for running while leaving phone plugged in.
4. Meditate for 20 minutes.
5. Don’t read news between meditation and running.
6. Run
7. Don’t read news between running and showering.
8. Shower
9. don’t read news between shower and getting to work.
10. get to work.
It was key for me to identify and track the negative habits that I wanted to avoid. Only once I was aware of how this was happening and tracking it was I motivated enough to get through the whole chain.
Now its automatic.
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