Theres no proof that lowering tax rates increases economic growth.

The truth is much more complicated than that.
In fact, there is a pretty easy argument to make that the opposite is true.
If you look at the average economic growth rate in the US its steadily gone down in the years since world war 2, with the largest growth rates being after the war.
At the same time, tax rates have also steadily gone down since world war 2.
So much so that back in 1963 for the top income tax bracket (~$400,000 + in income a year) the tax rate was 91%. Which is much lower now.
So in fact you could make an argument that higher taxes lead to higher growth.
In fact, as we lowered taxes, growth seems to have stalled, not been stimulated.
But, there is the confounding factor of the US’s role in supplying the world post WW2 and the growth that creates.
The takeaway is that there isn’t an easy answer to how taxes affect growth.
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