Meditation is a virus that would kill humanity if it could.

A virus has the motivation of making sure that it succeeds and thrives, even if it is at the cost of the host.
Theres a good argument that ideas are viruses. They infect our brains and then we spread them by telling others.
In the case of meditation (vipassana specifically), its especially insidious.
The goal of vipassana is a worthy one: to make people happy.
But. The technique, in its purest form, doesn’t make people happy by helping them achieve their goals. It makes people happy by making sure they don’t have any goals.
The goal of vipassana is to eliminate cravings and aversions.
All craving and aversions.
Thats the only way you can be happy, if you cut your happiness from being dependent on external input.
This is great if you want to sit in a room and be happy.
Its not so great for the human race.
If everyone just sat around happy as a clam we’d soon be wiped out.
Whether through disease, climate change, or aliens.
There would be no will to survive and evolve.
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