In the past 6 months I’ve cut my consumption of news down to nearly 0.

I’ve decided that the day to day news that you get, even from “reliable” sources like the NYTimes or Wall St Journal, is usually low quality compared to what you will read about those events in 5 years.
It doesn’t change much from day to day.
A developing story like a bombing somewhere will add a few sentences per day to the story and republish the same thing. It ends up being a waste of time to read each new version.
I don’t actually need to know what is happening today and if there is something important I will hear about it from someone else and it gives me a built in topic for conversation if other topics fail.
That then gives me a ton of extra time per day for reading which I replace with several things:
Podcasts, my favorites:
1. The Tim Ferriss Show
2. Freakonomics Radio
3. The Weeds by Vox (Politics)
4. Recode Decode (Tech)
5. 99% Invisible (Design)
6. Hardcore History by Dan Carlin (Extremely long and detailed history explanations, very good)
7. Waking Up by Sam Harris (commentary on politics and the world from a philosophical level, my favorite podcast)
Audio Books, a few recent favorites:
1. The Story of Civilization (a 11 volume book on all of civilization, the first volume in audio book form is 50 hours).
2. Capital in the 21 Century (a fascinating discussion of income inequality)
3. Diamonds, Gold and War (Cecil Rhodes / South Africa)
4. Einstein: His Life and Universe
5. The House of Morgan: An American Banking Dynasty and The Rise of Modern Finance
6. Under the Banner of Heaven (about Mormon church)
Movies, a few recent favorites:
1. Jodorowsky’s Dune (about the making of a film about Dune)
2. Sketched of Frank Gehry (documentary on Frank Gehry)
3. Arrival (aliens arrive and we need to communicate with them)
4. Eames: The Architect and The Painter (documentary re Eames and his wife)
5. Miss Sloane (about lobbying in DC)
TV Shows, the ones I’m currently watching:
1. Billions
2. The Expanse
In general I find content through other content, things mentioned on podcasts, newsletters or from friends.
I also love using Goodreads to track books and Flixster / Rotten Tomatoes (they link) to track movies.
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