Don’t identify with your emotions to deal with them better.

Distance your self from your emotions.
I’m anxious.
This emotion will stay around for a while, modify it a bit:
I’m feeling anxious.
Thats better, now you’re you don’t identify yourself as anxious but are starting to identify the transient nature of the emotion.
I’m feeling anxiety.
Now you’re separating the anxiety from yourself. Instead of a word to describe you (an adjective) its a something that you have (a noun). You can get rid of things you have quickly. (like burning trash)
I’m feeling a little anxiety.
Now you’re minimizing the anxiety. You’re comparing it to all the anxiety in the world and realizing that the little bit of anxiety that you have is nothing compared to the world’s anxiety.
I’m feeling a little anxiety right now.
The final step, you’re acknowledging the transient nature of the anxiety. Its there today but could be replaced by supreme confidence tomorrow.
Try it yourself. You’ll see that the emotion immediately begins to dissipate.
^Day 288/90 177 words

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